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Pronouns: She/Her/Hers (but I don't mind they/them -- don't stress out!)

I approve of using indicated pronouns; I disapprove of SE (1) firing a Jewish Moderator right before high holidays with no notice and (2) slandering her as a bigot in newspapers.

I just am trying to make it easier to document our organization-specific applications for JAWS users (a screen-reader), MAGic users (a screen magnifier), and Dragon Command Users (often mobility impaired users). Most of our end-users are keyboard-only.

We're normally stuck in Microsoft Office, but we are expanding to some DAISY Digital Audio Book format (See

My goal is to simplify the documentation process by improving our templates, creating macros, and automating anything possible!

Thank you.

(Oh, and I'm a HUGE fan of Wildbow's Worm/Ward webserials , but none of my friends in real life are into it. The "We've Got Ward" podcast helps, though. )

I'm working on my "podcast empire" -- as of today (May 7, 2019), things are still being migrated & set up, but 2 major portions coming into being are 1) Alphabetical April (5 minute writing snippets) and 2) Pact (by wildbow) Liveread and Audiobook. The Liveread is Tuesdays/Thursdays, 8PM EDST on (archived on the showreel on Mixlr, but also distributed (soon) as a regular podcast. The Edited Audiobook will be a few weeks delayed behind that, but also a podcast.

Update as of Oct 1 -- Depression strikes again -- no updates, only one episode of ABC April is out. Sorry.
Update Oct 24: And apparently I lost my URL -- depression = missing renewal deadlines. sigh.

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