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For questions about how the site can be promoted to new viewers and potential users. Use this tag for any questions about how to share the site, where to share it, or anything related to this.

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Half a Year of Public Beta — Where the Site's at — What Can We Do Better?

This Stack Exchange site is 210 days old. That's pretty much seven months, six of those in public beta. As it happens, just today our Area 51 stat of site visits, which is a 14-day average, has grown ...
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Biweekly Internet of Things Topic Challenge #1

After quite nice reception of the idea to have topic challenges for our site we are about to start the first one. I allowed myself to pick the one that seems a bit more easily accessible and ...
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Topic challenges to promote the site

I came across Worldbuilding's fortnightly topic challenges recently. It's based on this meta post on meta SE about topic challenges. I think this could be a nice way to promote our site by challenging ...
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Let's Advertise with Community Ads! [duplicate]

Now that we're in Public Beta, it's time to start thinking of how to spread the word! Let's start this Beta off strong by creating our own ads. Forgive me as a I plagiarize a post from 3D Printing. ...
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How do we get the people who desperately want to use their new Christmas IoT stuff on the site?

Looks like we are not going public this year due to holidays. Please note that with the anticipated slowdown in traffic during the end-of-year holidays, we will not be evaluating this site for ...
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Which blogs and IoT communities might be interested in this site?

As suggested in A Recipe to Promote your Site, we need to start taking small, focused steps to start getting the word out about Internet of Things Stack Exchange. To help the site to grow, I think we ...
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Where can we get more Subject Matter Experts?

Where - and related: how - can we get more experts to join this site either now during private beta or later during open beta? We have to face it, IoT is a very wide field and contains myriads of ...
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