I noticed that we have both and in our inventory of tags. I don't believe they are both necessary... I propose synonymizing them. The only kind of camera broadly used today is the digital camera, and in the world of IoT, if someone is speaking about a camera, it will definitely be a digital camera.

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    Especially in terms of IoT, it needs to connect to some network, which makes it rather digital. – kenorb Dec 9 '16 at 17:12

I copied into . No tag synonym is warranted; text completion will help the user find the correct tag.


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No. It's unfortunate that this action appears to already have been taken, as it was probably mistaken.

"digital-camera" tends to refer devices that are specifically alternative to film cameras, which generally means handheld and human operated. These would only infrequently be on-topic in an IoT context, and having lots of occurrences of that tag in external searches is likely to attract questions about general point-and-shoot camera support that have nothing to do with IoT.

In contrast, the kinds of cameras that are on topic in an IoT setting - streaming, recording, recognizing - while implicitly digital are essentially never referred to with that adjective. Adding it is quite unnatural.

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