After my (unanswered) question Seeking ESP32 with display which is supported by the PlatformIO debugger, I thought that I would scrape the PlatformIO docs at https://docs.platformio.org/en/latest/boards/index.html

That, at least, would let me scraped the linked pages of individual boards fro the phrase "PIO Unified Debugger - “1-click” solution for debugging with a zero configuration" and produce a list of those boards which native support debugging, without the need for a JTAG probe.

Then I thought to generate an AngularJs web page with dentils, and a grid sortable on processor speed, RAM & Flash size.

Alas, the PlatformIo docs don't say which boards have a display, and I would also like to know which have a Grove connector.

Suddenly, this is looking like quite a project, and I wonder if I am reinventing the wheel.

Does anyone know of a website with details of SBCs, which is searchable & sortable and kept up to date?

And would it be on-topic to ask this on our main site?


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