After a quite nice reception of the idea to have topic challenges for our site we are about to start the second. It's the second one of the top-most voted challenge ideas. And it starts now and will also run for two weeks.

Biweekly topic challenge #2, February 7th - February 21st

New types of sensor nodes
Questions about new and emerging endpoint technology.

(suggested by Sean Houlihane)

Additionally there is a little chat gathering, tomorrow, February 8th, 18:00 GMT—Topic Challenge #2—to kick off the challenge, gather more opinions and ideas on the challenge and get some starting buzz going by finding some places to promote questions of the sort.

This topic doesn't seem to need an extra tag, but remember to tag every challenge question with .

Let the challenge begin!

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Here are a couple of links that cover some of the more general background ideas:

Self-powered wireless nodes

General ideas on fused sensor sources and a design-house's definition of smart sensors

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    Thanks for sharing these sources, "Self-powered wireless nodes" was especially a good reading. Feb 14, 2017 at 19:55

Questions Posted

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So we can track how effective the topic challenges are, add any questions you post for the challenge here. Simply copy the following template into the list above with your questions:

- https://iot.stackexchange.com/questions/1040/where-can-i-harvest-energy-in-my-home-to-power-my-wireless-sensors

This is automatically converted to the following by the editor:

Simply edit this post to add your questions.

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