After quite nice reception of the idea to have topic challenges for our site we are about to start the first one. I allowed myself to pick the one that seems a bit more easily accessible and promotable from the top-most voted ideas.

Biweekly topic challenge #1, January 24th - February 7th

Keeping my gadget data private

Additional we plan to have an event in chat on January 24th, 18:00 GMT—Topic Challenge #1—to kick off the challenge, gather more opinions and ideas on the challenge and get some starting buzz going.

This topic doesn't seem to need an extra tag, but remember to tag every challenge question with and likely a tag for the gadget in question.

Why am I posting this so far in advance? Since we haven't got any pro-tems yet we need the help of the CMs to get the chat event and this post featured. Which I hope they will support us with. On Monday I'll also add an answer to the Meta SE question about topic challenges and I'd like to have our end setup by then. It also gives everyone a moment to prepare a bit, so hopefully we can start with a few privacy questions on Tuesday right away (tm).

It also allows all of you who might have ideas about where to promote us especially on the topic of privacy to prepare a bit more and maybe pull some experts in starting Tuesday.

So let's do this!


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8 new questions were posted! 87.5% of the questions posted for the event (7/8) were answered, and some got multiple answers.

Questions Posted

(newest first)

So we can track how effective the topic challenges are, add any questions you post for the challenge here. Simply copy the following template into the list above with your questions:

- https://iot.stackexchange.com/questions/357/is-the-amazon-echo-always-listening-and-sending-data-to-the-cloud

This is automatically converted to the following by the editor:

Simply edit this post to add your questions (100 reputation points are required). If you are unable to do this, simply comment on your question and someone should add it here for you.

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    Let me borrow the structure of the answer. ^^ Feb 14, 2017 at 19:44

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