I was fairly intensely running through a bunch of older posts this morning and used up all 40 of my votes. When I try to upvote a question, I see:

vote limit error message

Totally normal. What isn't normal is that the Vox Populi Progress remains at 38/40, and has done for the past hour or so. Usually, it takes a few minutes, but this seems a bit long.

vox populi badge counter at 38 of 40

Is this a bug, or do is it taking a bit longer to come?


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You aren't guaranteed 40 votes per day, which may seem confusing (and I think it is!), so here are the rules, summarised from What are the limits on how I can cast, change, and retract votes? on Meta Stack Exchange:

  • You always get 30 votes, which you can use for whatever you like
  • After that, your vote cap is dictated by the formula in the first link:

    min( 30 + ⌊1.2×Q25⌋, 40 )

    Where ⌊⌋ means "round down" and Q25 is the number of question votes in your first 25 votes.

  • In effect, the above means that you must have voted on questions at least 9 times within your first 25 votes to get the maximum of 10 'bonus votes'

  • The other catch is that as soon as you see the '_ votes remaining' warning, that's it - you will not be able to get any more votes for today no matter what you do.

I suspect you only voted on 8 questions in your first 25 votes (Q25 = 8 / 1.2), giving you only 8 bonus votes.

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